Rules & Guidelines- Please Read

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Rules & Guidelines- Please Read Empty Rules & Guidelines- Please Read

Post  countryrocks on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:47 pm

*Just a few rules and guidelines to ensure a pleasant and healthy forum*

No personal attacks: Personal attacks against each other will not be tolerated, and will result in removal of the posts and a warning. If the issue persists, those involved may be banned from the forum.

Be respectful: This is a forum where a variety of opinions are accepted. Fun, well-rounded, and opinionated conversations are encouraged. Differences of opinion will occur, and there’s nothing wrong with a healthy discussion or debate. A warning will be issued to those involved if things get out of hand, but you as an individual poster can frequently avoid problems by being respectful to those you are conversing with, and understand that they’re just voicing their opinion as well. If things begin to get to heated, simply agree to disagree and move on.

Do not post copyrighted material: Please be careful to not post any copyrighted material anywhere on the forum. If you want to post a news article, just provide the link so others can go and read it on the actual site. Stating your personal reaction to the article is fine, and discussion about it is acceptable. It’s just the article can’t simply be copy and pasted unless you have the author or company’s permission to do so.

No spamming, soliciting, sexual or illegal content: This will not be tolerated and could result in immediate banning

No profanity: Please refrain from using profanity anywhere on the forum. If profanity is used, the poster will receive a warning and the post will be removed. If the issue persists, the poster will be banned from the forum.

One account per user: Admin can see when one person has signed up for more than one account. There is no need to have more than one username on the forum. Multiple usernames will result in one or all of them being deleted.

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